<u>Next Generation</u> Coolant for Glass Fabrication

Swarf Buster Boosts Performance at Major Glass Fabricator

June 9, 2010

Large glass fabricator in Tennessee boosted performance with Swarf Buster.

Problem: port/pipe clogs slowed water flow rate at the hot zone (where tool meets workpiece).

Solution: using Swarf Buster, particle clogs were reduced from approximately 60 - 90 per month to just ONE in the first month of using Swarf Buster.

Despite producing about two cubic yards of glass swarf byproduct daily, the particles are now managed well. Tooling now receives a consistent water flow rate, which is expected to increase tool life; and PM clean-outs are done in a fraction of the time.

Overall, it has become clear that Swarf Buster is effective at weakening glass swarf particle bonds, which allows those solids to be removed from all surfaces more easily. Keeping tool surfaces free of swarf will help extend tool life and improve tool performance.

What happens at the microscopic level matters, and Swarf Buster has proven to be exceptional at promoting particle removal rates that makes it a real game changer for fabricators

Lower Cost - Improve Performance
Lower Cost - Improve Performance