<u>Next Generation</u> Coolant for Glass Fabrication

Oldcastle Building Envelope Runs Clean with Swarf Buster


Oldcastle BE adopts Swarf Buster to reduce total fabrication cost/risk and improve performance.

Swarf Buster supports optimal production capacity at one of Oldcastle BE's largest and most productive fabrication plants in North America. Water quality is especially critical when capacity utilization high in a lean manufacturing environment - it is also a scenario where abundant sticky swarf particles become a big problem.

Despite using traditional old-style coolant, Oldcastle BE's system had become choked with glass swarf: pipes, water ports/manifolds at the fabrication work stations, and even the solids removal system itself.

Oldcastle BE chose Swarf Buster for its remarkable ability to disarm swarf particles and restore the entire system from the inside out.

With their entire fabrication system working as intended, and with improved water quality, Oldcastle BE expects to save money on energy, tool life, down-time, labor, quality and performance.

Lower Cost - Improve Performance